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Honourable , MLA Thompson
May 6, 2013

Flood Update

I rise in the house today to provide a brief update on the flood.

The warmer weather we have had over the weekend is expected over the next few days. While water levels remain high in some regions, flood risks are easing in many areas of the province.

The Red River is at or near crest through most of the province. A second, lower peak is expected in the next week.

Flows on tributaries in the upper portion of the Assiniboine basin are increasing, but are generally decreasing on tributaries in the lower basin. A flood warning has been issued for the Assiniboine River from St. Lazare to Brandon. Flooding in these areas is expected to primarily affect agricultural land.

Flows on the Big Grass River into the Big Grass Marsh are rising as the snowpack from the eastern slope of Riding Mountain continues to melt. Streams in the Parkland and Swan River region are also rising. Most streams are not expected to rise higher than peak levels experienced earlier in the year. High flows on the Dauphin tributaries could cause Dauphin Lake to rise by 3 feet above the operating range but are expected to be lower than the levels experienced in 2011.

Flood tubes were provided to the Ebb and Flow First Nation over the weekend to provide protection to several homes threatened by overland flooding.

The RM of Coldwell made a cut in the existing dike at Lundar on May 4th to allow overland flooding to drain out from behind the dike.

Despite the favorable weather we are continuing to see flood conditions in parts of the province and are continuing to be vigilant.