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, MLA Radisson
April 30, 2013

95th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

Mr. Speaker, this year marks the 95th anniversary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. Since its inception, the church has experienced a rich historical journey here in Manitoba.

Ukrainian immigration has a long history in Canada, starting with the first wave of immigration in 1891 and continuing through to the fourth wave today. The first Ukrainian settlers came to Canada from southwestern and western Ukraine as farmers seeking their 160 acres of allotted land. Throughout the country, Ukrainian people came together in faith and by 1914 there were 80 churches throughout western Canada. By 1918, a national convention was called in Saskatoon and the decision was made to form the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada, now known as the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.

With 273 congregations organized into 61 parishes across the country, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada has strong roots here in Winnipeg. As the home of the Church’s headquarters, Winnipeg is also home to the Consistory, the seat of the Metropolitan of Canada, six parishes and St. Andrew’s College, a theology school located at the University of Manitoba. Additionally, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada publishes a monthly newspaper “Visnyk - The Herald” and an annual almanac, “Ridna Nyva”, while operating a church book, icon and supply house called Consistory Church Goods Supply.

Mr. Speaker, this year is a time for celebration – celebration of history, celebration of faith, and a celebration of the congregations who work together. Today in the gallery, we had with us His Eminence Metropolitan Yurij, the Right Reverend Protopresbyter Victor Lakusta and the Officer of Communications Marusia Kaweski. So I would have asked, but I ask all the members here in their absence to wish them well and congratulate the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada for this momentous anniversary.

Дякую and thank you, Mr. Speaker.