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, MLA Burrows
April 29, 2013

Northwood 13A3 Hockey Team

Mr. Speaker, I'm pleased to rise today to recognize an amazing young team's accomplishment. The boys of the Northwood 13A3 hockey team are this year's city champs. This team is a cross-section of 13- and 14-year-old players from some of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the North End, as well as from in and around the Garden City area. They practise out of the Northwood Community Centre in Burrows, and despite some economic barriers and limited access to supports, this team was able to overcome huge obstacles to win this coveted championship.

Mr. Speaker, these boys learned some valuable lessons and shared some special experiences on their way to the city champions title. Some of their most important learning opportunities included developing and strengthening relationships through understanding and acceptance. They are working together to keep healthy and active, to strengthen their friendships and to make the most of wonderful opportunities. I'm so proud that they call Burrows home.

Mr. Speaker, successful people do not achieve in isolation, so it is important to also recognize those who have supported these boys along the way. I'm pleased to announce that head coach Dave Sherman was named the Seven Oaks Minor Hockey Association's coach of the year. It was recognized that he was able to take a diverse group of teens and bring them together as a team and become champions. Working closely with him in the team were assistant coaches Shane Lilley and Richard Sousa and team manager Angie Lamirande. The team staff helped with driving the boys to and from practices and games, and did as much as they could to ensure that transportation issues were never a barrier. Many thanks to the staff and families who support these young men in their hockey endeavours.

It's been many years since the Northwood Community Centre had a championship team and, to quote Angie Lamirande, their win is the stuff of Hollywood movies. And I agree. This is certainly an incredible achievement worth celebrating, so congratulations, boys, and thank you very much, Mr. Speaker.