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, MLA Interlake
April 25, 2013

100th Anniversary of 4-H

Mr. Speaker, this week we had some very special visitors at the Legislative Building. Volunteers leaders, members and organizers of 4-H Manitoba are here to celebrate the 100th birthday of a vital organization in our province.

4-H helps young people learn to be innovative community leaders. Members get involved in hands-on projects, develop valuable skills and have fun as they learn to use their "four H's": their heads, hearts, hands and health to contribute to their communities.

I had the pleasure of attending the 4-H celebration at the Legislature hosted by the minister and the Premier (Mr. Selinger). Past and current members spoke out–spoke about how participating in 4-H gave them opportunities to travel, meet new people, take on responsibilities and gain confidence. Mr. Speaker, 4-H also inspires a lifelong enthusiasm to volunteer: 4-H leaders recognize that the event have been involved for 20, 30, even 40 years.

Many others are also getting involved in celebrating this milestone anniversary. It has been recognized at both Ag Days and the Royal Winter Fair in Brandon. MacDon has made a special edition self-propelled windrower that has travelled to events across the country. A highlight for Manitoba will be hosting the annual meeting of the Canadian 4-H Council later in May where a gala event will bring together the many government, corporate and organizational supporters of 4-H. Local 4-H clubs have been getting involved by displaying signs in their communities, partnering with their community food banks to collect donations, participating in a national public speaking contest and much more.

It is essential that young people have positive outlets for their energy and enthusiasm as well as an opportunity to develop skills and learn new things. I invite all honourable members to join me in recognizing 4-H for helping to guide a century of Manitoba's future leaders.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.