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, MLA St. Norbert
April 22, 2013

Fort Garry Seniors Resource Council

Mr. Speaker, I'm excited to tell you about a wonderful opportunity available to Fort Garry, Fort Richmond and St. Norbert seniors. The Fort Garry Seniors Resource Council is an organization that seeks to empower older adults to increase their independence and improve their well-being by accessing relevant service information. The partnership with Age and Opportunity, the council has been arranging frequent bus trips for older adults to St. Vital Centre for almost 10 years now.

For many older adults, this service is essential. It reduces the social isolation and experience–that is often experienced by older adults as they age and become less able to actively participate in their communities. Many of these same adults are unable to travel by bus on their own and often do not have loved ones to assist them. To ride to and from the mall, as well as the time at the mall, provides participants with social opportunities with others in similar circumstances, resulting in friendship and support.

Additionally, the participants are able to meet some of their other basic needs: exercising by mall walking, purchasing groceries, getting prescriptions filled, purchasing household and personal goods. The members for Fort Richmond, Fort Garry-Riverview and I ride the bus from time to time and very much enjoy spending time with the spirited seniors to participate in these trips.

Thank you to everyone who is involved with the Fort Garry Seniors Resource Council. You are making a world of difference in the lives of many older adults in your community. For this kindness and care that you extoll, I must express my deepest gratitude. I sincerely hope that when I grow older that this support will continue to exist so that I may continue to live my life to the fullest as these seniors are today.

Thank you again to all the members of the council, and thank you, Mr. Speaker.