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, MLA St. James
April 18, 2013

David Milloy: Volunteer for International HOPE

Mr. Speaker, many hard-working volunteers across Manitoba are engaged not just in their local communities, but in the international community as well. Today I would like to recognize one of these hidden heroes, St. James resident, David Milloy.

I met Mr. Milloy, a retiree, through Mensheds Manitoba, Inc., a grass-roots group of retired men that meet twice a week to volunteer in the community, socialize, or do crafts and woodworking, to name just a few of the things that they regularly do. They focus on ways to help other organizations or community groups and to be of service. It was through their good work that Mr. Milloy discovered International HOPE.

International HOPE is a non-profit organization based in St. James that redistributes surplus medical equipment and supplies to countries where such items are in critically short supply. They take donations from hospitals, clinics and individuals across Manitoba and process and pack them into shipping containers to be sent out to destinations around the world. Through International HOPE’s work, still-useful supplies such as hospital beds, stretchers, crash carts, walkers and wheel chairs are provided to those who need them.

In order to do this great work, International HOPE relies entirely on the support of its many dedicated volunteers. Donated equipment and supplies from around and outside of Winnipeg are sorted, repaired, cleaned and readied for shipping at the warehouse. These hard-working individuals give of their time to help ensure that others can get the medical treatment that they need.

In March, I was given a guided tour of the International HOPE warehouse by Mr. Milloy. The pride he takes in the work that is done there is clear and it stems from the certainty that what he does at International HOPE makes an absolute difference. Their efforts have a huge impact on the well-being of those in need of basic health care in developing countries. Their work also makes a significant impact here in Manitoba as well, because they divert an immense amount of salvagable equipment that would otherwise end up in our land-fill.

It is this spirit of volunteerism, Mr. Speaker, that make people like Mr. Milloy such a great example for the rest of us. His commitment to community is evident, but his passion for the work that he does runs very deep. I invite all honorable members to join me in congratulating and thanking Mr. Milloy, and those like him, for their dedication to giving back to the community at both the local and global level.

Thank you.