Budget 2013: Cutting Expenses, Protecting Families and the Economy

Government Commits to Deliver Services More Efficiently

As reported by the Government of Manitoba News Media Services

April 16, 2013

In Budget 2012, the Manitoba government committed to finding responsible, innovative ways to cut expenses and redirect those savings to the front lines of services for families to protect the things that matter most to them.

Key commitments made and delivered on in Budget 2012 included:

  • reducing the number of regional health authorities from 11 to five,

  • merging the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission and the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation,

  • cutting an additional $128 million from in-year government spending,

  • consolidating government office spaces,

  • freezing or reducing the budgets of 10 departments, and

  • realizing $75 million through the sale of government assets.

This year, the Manitoba government will continue finding ways to deliver government services more efficiently and redirect those savings into front-line services.

Key commitments contained in Budget 2013 include:

  • freezing or reducing the budgets of 11 departments;

  • expanding lean management practices to more departments to improve efficiency and realize savings;

  • extending the 20 per cent reduction on ministerial salaries;

  • initiating a program efficiency review; and

  • saving money by consolidating more government offices and modernizing government service delivery, making greater use of online services.