Interlake Infrastructure Update

The Manitoba government recognizes the importance of infrastructure and transportation to the people of the Interlake.

Manitoba Intrastucture & Transportation

  • Budget 2012 continues our historic levels of investment in Manitoba’s infrastructure with $589 million for roads and bridges.

  • We will continue to repair the significant damage caused by the 2011 flood, which left more than 80 bridges in need of repair or replacement.

  • Budget 2012 will also provide funding for non-flood related repairs to 20 structures, such as bridges and culverts.

  • Including these new projects, more than 175 structures have been repaired in Manitoba since 2007.

  • We will also move forward with year six of our ten-year Highway Renewal Plan by restoring more than 2,400 kilometres of road this year.

  • With this investment, we will have revitalized more than 9,500 kilometres of highway since 2007.

Interlake constituency

Significant work is scheduled for the Interlake in our current five-year plan. Among the some of the capital projects planned are:

  • Paving Highway 6 south of Ashern and making safety improvements to the intersection at the Ashern Auction and Market Road;

  • Significant paving of Highway 17 from PR 233 north of Fisher Branch and south of Ashern to Camp Morton;

  • Improvements of Provincial Road 328 west of Highway 6;

  • Significant improvements of Provincial Road 513 east of Highway 6, as well as spot improvements from Highway 6 to Dauphin River.

Figures are current as of January, 2013