Upgrades to Glenwood Community Centre Arena will benefit the whole neighbourhood

Building Communities Initiative II approves $280,000 investment for key infrastructure project

Thanks to Phase Two of the Building Communities Initiative II (BCI II) funding agreement between the Manitoba Government and the City of Winnipeg, $280,000.00 in funds is being provided for upgrades to the existing Glenwood Community Centre Arena including:

  • sandblast and repair beams
  • new insulation and cladding
  • interior wall repairs and painting
  • new heating and dehumidification system

Funding for the project was also provided through the Federal Government's Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund for a contribution of 103, 226.00, and a loan secured by the Glenwood Community Centre of $140,000.00. For a total of $523,000.00 invested into the upgrade of the Glenwood facility.