World Day for Cultural Diversity

On May 21st the Manitoba NDP Caucus invited community leaders to the Legislature to honour their involvement and contribution to building multiculturalism in Manitoba. The evening was hosted by the Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism, Christine Melnick.

In his remarks, Premier Selinger referred to the multicultural origins of our province beginning with its foundation by First Nations people, the emergence of the Métis and the present where we have welcomed people here from all over the world.

The guest speaker of the evening, Louise Simbandumwe, told a very powerful story of her experience as a refugee. She noted that she was grateful to be living and working in Manitoba and was happy to be in a province that accepts and celebrates diversity.

Minister Melnick also highlighted the Private Member’s Resolution that was introduced to the House by Dave Gaudreau, the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba for St. Norbert.

In it, Mr. Gaudreau drew attention to the culturally diverse nature of our province which has become home for people who have come from 150 different countries.

Gaudreau’s resolution was presented in the legislature on the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. He invited all members of the assembly to pay respect to the first people, the First Nations and Inuit, and all ethnic communities while continuing to work toward greater acceptance of social diversity.