Building Communities Initiative Two, Phase Two - Teen Stop Jeunesse Kitchen Renovations

Teen Stop Jeunesse (formerly Ron’s Drop-in Centre at 533 St. Anne’s Road) opened in 1980 to give young people a safe place to gather outside of school hours. The centre has developed into a registered charity that offers youth aged eight to 18 programs in arts and crafts, homework support, music, life skills such as cleaning and laundry, simple maintenance and yard work, and preparing, baking and cooking healthy snacks and full meals.

The BCI II Phase Two funds are supporting kitchen improvements that include enhanced access, new cabinetry, a double oven, a large commercial fridge and freezer and re-roofing. The centre will use the renovated kitchen to expand the cooking component of its life skills program, support the nutrition program and provide healthy lunches for high school students in the area for fall 2013. The kitchen will also support ongoing use by seniors in the community.