Celebrating Students and Youth Leadership

On May 7, 2013, Youth leaders from across Manitoba were honoured by the Premier, Ministers and MLAs at the “Reception Celebrating Students and Youth Leadership.”

Youth Opportunities Minister Kevin Chief emceed and the Premier honoured the volunteers with a rousing speech. He spoke about his own youth, the challenges of responsibility and compassion, and praised the work, dedication and courage of young leaders.

Also speaking was the inspiring Grace Fanhbulleh. Grace and her family left Liberia when she was six years old and lived in refugee camps for five years. Grace is truly an inspiration. She is not only a dedicated high school student, but, at the same time, has worked part-time to support her family and participated in extra- curricular programs like the Boys and Girls Club, the Inner City Wesmen Basketball team and the Eco Kids on Campus.

The Premier, Children & Youth Opportunities Minister Kevin Chief and many MLAs gathered to honour youth leaders and volunteers. Here are just some of the many people who attended the event!