Universities, Colleges and Apprenticeships

Investing in affordable, accessible, quality education

Strong universities and colleges are essential to help connect young people to the opportunities available in a modern, growing economy. That’s why we are not cutting post-secondary funding as we have seen in other provinces.

  • The last time Brian Pallister’s PCs were in government, university and college tuition fees skyrocketed by 132%. Our NDP government is working hard to keep tuition affordable—we now have the third lowest tuition for university and the second lowest tuition for college in Canada.

  • Our 60% tuition income tax rebate provides financial relief for students who have recently completed their studies and encourages them to start a career in Manitoba. And now students can claim a 5% advance on the rebate while they are still in school – when they need it most.

    • So far the rebate has put $90 million back into the pockets of graduates. The Educational Policy Institute says the rebate “effectively provides Manitoba students with free tuition,” combined with other incentives.

    • We are making Manitoba the first province in western Canada to offer zero interest student loans. We’re also reducing barriers for rural and northern students by creating a vehicle exemption for student loan applicants.

Our plan focuses on improving our schools and colleges, connecting young people to jobs here at home and keeping tuition affordable for parents and students.

Universities, Colleges and Apprenticeships Stats & Facts

In today’s economy, advanced education and training is the most reliable path to a good job. Two out of every three jobs that will be created in the next decade will require college, university or apprenticeship training.

We are creating new pathways for students to make sure that when it comes to higher learning, there are no dead ends. This includes launching a new Credit Transfer Portal to help students move more easily between programs and institutions.

  • We’ve also more than doubled funding for universities and colleges since we came into government, an increase of more than $335 million.

  • We have invested over $800 million in capital projects at Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions.

  • We have frozen university tuition fees at the rate of inflation.

    • Our plan is working: since 1999, enrollment for universities is up 45% and enrollment for colleges is up 52%.

Grants, scholarships & student aid

  • We provided more than $260 million in grants, scholarships and bursaries through the 2014/2015 academic year.

  • We are improving the Manitoba Student Aid program in order to expand eligibility for students. We’ve eliminated interest on Manitoba student loans, students are now allowed to own a car without negatively impacting the needs assessment, and students can earn income throughout the school year.

    • Reducing interest on Manitoba student loans has saved students nearly $1.2 million so far and counting.

    • We also introduced the Rural/Northern Bursary to support students who have to travel or relocate to pursue post-secondary studies.

  • We introduced graduate scholarships in 2004, which have now provided $17 million in support for research-based graduate studies.

Expanding education opportunities

  • We are adding new engineering seats at the University of Manitoba.

  • We have met our commitment to create 4,000 new apprenticeship seats and Budget 2015 creates 200 more.

  • We have reached a milestone of almost 11,000 active apprentices. That’s triple the number of apprentices we had when the NDP came into government, and they’re in working in over 55 provincial and Red Seal trades.

  • Over the last decade, we have increased funding for adult literacy and adult learning centres by more than 150% and 90% respectively, for a combined total of more than $21 million in annual funding.

September, 2015