We want every family to feel safe in their homes and in their communities.

We’re building safer communities by cracking down on crime, while also tackling long-term solutions to the root causes of crime.

  • Brian Pallister’s push for half a billion dollars in cuts would mean cutting funding for police officers, correctional workers and prosecutors. Instead, we’re choosing to invest in the people who keep our communities safe—adding 302 more police officers to Manitoba since 1999.

  • Our innovative Auto Theft Suppression Strategy is working. Over the last decade, auto thefts in Winnipeg have declined by nearly 85%.

  • Our new Restorative Justice Act is first-in-Canada legislation that allows police to refer offenders who’ve committed minor crimes to community-based programs, instead of laying charges.

    • This will relieve pressure on our courts system, allowing them to focus on the most serious crimes, and give more offenders the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions in their own community and make better choices in the future.

We’re making communities safer for everyone by investing in stronger policing and prosecution, successful crime prevention programs, a five-year plan for restorative justice and modern crime-fighting techniques.

Justice Stats and Facts


Our provincial government has funded 302 police positions so far, and we will continue to add more new police and analysts to support front-line officers. We have also funded up to 70 police cadets, cost-shared with the City of Winnipeg.

We have increased provincial funding for the Winnipeg Police Services nearly six-fold, from $2 million in 1999 to $14.5 million in 2015/16. That’s a $12.5 million increase. And we’re investing $1.7 million in 2015 for the police helicopter, which lets police respond more quickly to urgent situations and provides another resource to help protect the community.

We have made major investments in prosecutions and courts, including:

  • ensuring faster prosecutions by completing our commitment to add 53 more prosecutor positions as of 2011;

  • new prosecution units to deal with criminal organizations, gangs and high-risk offenders and adding a child sexual exploitation case coordinator; and

  • a Mental Health Court to reduce re-offence rates for those with mental illness.

We have also made major investments in corrections by adding 59 new probation officers and 1,038 new jail beds since 1999.

These investments are helping to reduce crime rates, especially for violent crime, across Manitoba.

Innovations in crime fighting

  • We are going after gangs where it hurts—their wallets. Our criminal property forfeiture unit has already recovered more than $12.1 million to reinvest in victim services and new tools and equipment for the police.

  • Through our Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, we’ve shut down 937 drug dens and prostitution houses to date.

  • We created a Warrant Squad that has made more than 2,442 arrests and executed 3,491 warrants, many of whom are serious violent offenders.

  • We know that to tackle the root causes of crime, we need to use the right tool for the job. Our successful Drug Treatment Court targets the connection between addiction and crime, and has an 87% success rate. Manitoba’s new Mental Health Court also keeps appropriate, mental-illness related cases out of the regular court system.

Justice Minister Gord Mackintosh joined members of the Winnipeg Police Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to share the benefits of Manitoba’s Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund: in this case, a robot used by the Winnipeg Police Service bomb squad.

Crime prevention

Crime prevention starts with our youth. Kids who are doing well in school and are active in recreation and other activities are less likely to get caught up in crime.

We have 14 different crime prevention programs that we fund across Manitoba. Here are a few of them:

  • Through Bright Futures, community-based groups work with schools to provide supports such as tutoring, family involvement, mentoring, and career exploration. More than 3,300 children participated last year.

  • Our School Resource Officers Program has police officers visiting 135 schools to strengthen relationships between police, young people, and the community.

  • The 71 Lighthouses around the province provide youth with a safe, fun place to go at night. There have been over 1.6 million visits since we created Lighthouses in 2001.

  • The Turnabout Program is the only provincial initiative of its kind in Canada. It provides assistance and consequences for youth in conflict with the law who are too young for consideration under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

  • Spotlight works with the highest-risk gang youth and their families by providing supervision and services to help youth deal with substance abuse, stay in school or find a job.

    • Brian Pallister’s Conservatives oppose our Spotlight program. When it was announced, Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen mocked the plan. (Brandon Sun, Oct 7/06).

October 2015