Child Care

Every family should be able to find child care for their kids.

We have heard from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, step-parents and guardians that having access to high quality, affordable child care makes a huge difference to their family.

Child care means parents can focus on jobs, training or education, knowing their children are safe and in good hands. Our commitment to child care is crucial to Manitoba families and crucial to Manitoba’s economy.

  • The last time Pallister’s Conservatives were in office, they made deep cuts to child care and brought in massive fee increases for parents. Now they’re calling to privatize child care—even though private child care fees are more than double what families pay now.

  • Our NDP government knows families need accessible AND affordable child care. That’s why we publicly fund almost 30,000 child care spaces to make sure we have the lowest regulated parent fees outside of Québec.

  • We’ve introduced a new five-year plan, which will fund 5,000 more child care spaces and invest $25 million to build at least 20 new or expanded child care centres. This will build on the 14,300 new child care spaces our government has created since 1999.

Together with child care professionals, teachers and parents, we are building a province where every family will have access to safe, affordable child care.

Every child should have a good start in life – and that shouldn’t depend on the size of your wallet.

Child Care Stats & Facts

  • Since we formed government, we have created over 14,300 licensed child care spaces, built 100 new facilities, and improved wages and training for early childhood educators.

  • There are now almost 30,000 funded spaces in over 900 licensed early learning and child care facilities throughout Manitoba.

    • This year, we opened or expanded new child care centres in Brandon, St. Andrews, Oak Lake, Steinbach, Thompson and Winnipeg.

  • We brought in legislation in 2010 to ensure that every new school has a child care center, and we brought in legislation in 2014 to ensure that child care centres stay in our schools.

  • Other improvements will support Manitoba families, including making the online child care registry more user-friendly and creating an Early Learning and Child Care Commissioner to design the best possible child care system for the future.

    • In June 2011, we launched a first-of-its-kind Child Care Registry. It has been in place for over four years and has helped families find child care for over 10,600 children.

Nancy Allan, MLA for St. Vital, reads to a group of eager preschoolers at the 51 Morrow Ave. daycare. The Morrow Avenue Child Care Program has been able to significantly expand thanks to our government’s investments.

Supporting Early Child Care Educators

  • We know that you cannot create child care spaces without the front-line workers who are passionate about their responsibility to give Manitoba’s children the best possible start.

  • We are supporting and growing the workforce by providing a two per cent operating grant increase in support of wages in 2015, another two per cent increase in 2016, and a wage enhancement grant for long-term early childhood educators.

  • Wages for front-line child care workers have increased by 60% since 1999 and we have invested $2 million to add 70 training spaces. This now brings the total number of early childhood educators trained per year to 135.

  • We’ve created the first ever provincewide pension plan for early childhood educators and child care workers, outside Québec.

Pallister’s plan to privatize child care

  • Brian Pallister has a record of making deep cuts to child care:

    • As an MP, he supported the Conservative government’s decision to cancel the national child care program, which cost Manitoba $176 million in funding that could have been used to create more child care spaces for families.

    • While a provincial cabinet minister, his government was the only province in Canada to reject a National Child Care program proposed by the federal government

    • He also helped cut millions from child care centres and slashed operating grants for nursery schools by 50%.

    • Parent fees for child care more than doubled as a result of his cuts.

  • This summer, PC MLA Ian Wishart admitted that Brian Pallister is planning to privatize child care, with cuts to the more than 29,000 existing spaces that our government has helped grow over the last decade for families.

    • Here in Manitoba, parents pay approximately $600 per month for an infant in the public child care system. In private daycares, that space would cost over $1,400 per month.

    • Pallister’s plan for cuts and privatization would cost families thousands a year in new child care fees.

September 2015