Looking forward: change in our community, schools

By: Melanie Wight, MLA for Burrows

As published in The Times

July 10, 2013

Burrows has always been a changing and dynamic community.

As more families are moving in, our schools and recreation centres are bursting with life and energy. With two of the biggest schools in Manitoba — Maples Collegiate and Sisler High School — Burrows is a beacon of diversity.

This June, I had the opportunity to visit school graduation ceremonies throughout Burrows. Each school I attend inspires me. In my capacity as an MLA, I recognize students for their hard work with an MLA scholarship. This year, 26 students received the Burrows MLA award for outstanding achievements.

Excellence in schools is best achieved in a healthy learning environment. This is why our government announced the construction of a new gym at Lord Nelson School which is currently in design.

Last week, Minister of Education Nancy Allan announced that Lord Nelson will also receive two additional classrooms as part of our government’s initiative to reduce class sizes in Kindergarten to Grade 3.

Over the summer, our government will be making renovations and improvements to other Burrows schools, including Sisler High School, the Maples Collegiate and Elwick Community School.

I would also like to recognize and thank Principal Doug Taylor of Andrew Mynarski Junior High School for his dedication over the years. In the fall, he will begin as principal at St. John’s High School. He is a creative, visionary educator and will be missed. Greg Bouchard, Vice Principal of Sisler High School, will be taking over as principal at Andrew Mynarski.

I would like to congratulate both on their achievements and wish them well in their new positions.

The beauty of Burrows is that we are flexible, able to adapt to changes within our community. I see this openness all the time — people from all over the world working together for a better community and accepting others who seem completely different but have, hidden under the differences, the same love of family and connection and community. Our students reflect these values.

As Julia, a student from Lord Nelson said, "tolerance is pretty much accepting others even though they are completely different from you." It is my pleasure and honour to have had the chance to visit and learn from them in our schools and community.