My Petition to the Manitoba Legislature on Behalf of Les Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie

Changes to Les Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie Incorporation Act

Mr. Dave Gaudreau (St. Norbert) : Mr. Speaker, I wish to present the following petition to the Legislative Assembly.

The reason for these petitions are :

(1) As association of nuns in the Archdiocese of St. Boniface was incorporated by an act of the Manitoba Legislature, les Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie incorporation, RSM 1990, c 57, the act, in 1901 to carry out its charitable works.

(2) The act sets out the corporation's powers that are available to be exercised by the corporation. In particular, subsection 1(2) of the act reads as follows: Corporate powers, 1-2: The corporation may purchase, acquire, hold, possess and enjoy and have and take and receive to them and their successors, to and for the uses and purposes of the said corporation under any legal title whatsoever and without any further authorization, any lands, tenements, hereditaments, movable and immovable property, situate, laying and between–being within this province, and not exceeding the yearly sum of $20,000, and the same to sell, alienate or dispose of and purchase of, acquire and possess of their steads for said purposes.

(3) The limitation on buying and selling of movable and immovable property not exceeding a yearly value of $20,000 has become onerous provision and hampers the ability of the corporation to buy and sell property.

(4) Furthermore, the act does not allow the corporation to mortgage or lease land or borrow funds upon the credit of corporation. Such powers have been granted to other similar religious corporations pursuant to their incorporating statuses.

(5) Lastly, section 2 of the act provides that the signing authority for business of the corporation shall be first superior and three councillors. This provision is onerous for the daily operations of the corporation.

We petition the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba to amend the act to:

  1. remove the restrictions on the power of the corporation and grant the powers of a natural person for carrying out its objects and purposes;

  2. authorize the appointment of a board of directors and officers to manage it–the affairs of the corporation; and

  3. repeal section 2, which deals with the signing of the documents.

This petition is signed by S. Bastien.