Pallister PCs Side with Unaccountable Senate

In a debate in the legislature this morning, the PC opposition sided with unelected senators in Ottawa by preventing a vote on a private member’s resolution put forward by Fort Garry-Riverview MLA James Allum.

“Manitobans and all Canadians are tired of seeing full-time senators who are using their position as senators to campaign for their party, instead of working to make life better for families,” said Allum. “I’m disappointed the PCs have opposed a resolution asking the federal government to take action.”

In 2009, Manitoba created an all-party committee to ask families across the province about Senate reform. At those hearings, a large number of presenters expressed the view that abolishing Manitoba’s upper chamber has served Manitoba well, and that the Senate is fundamentally flawed.

Allum noted that recent controversies surrounding misuse of public dollars by Conservative and Liberal senators has further eroded public confidence in the Senate. “Canadians have waited for too long for action to reform the Senate. That’s why this resolution asked that the federal government begin conversations with provinces to do away with the Senate,” said Allum. “The PCs seem content make cuts to services for families, but not to an unelected Senate.”

Brian Pallister’s PCs prevented a vote from taking place on this resolution by speaking out the clock.