PC Blocking of Anti-bullying Legislation Unacceptable: Allum

May 6, 2013

Fort Garry–Riverview MLA James Allum today called on the PC opposition to come to the table and debate Bill 18, the provincial government’s anti-bullying legislation.

When the Bill was called for debate late last week, Brian Pallister allowed PC Education Critic and House Leader Kelvin Goertzen to prevent Bill 18 from even being debated.

"Not only have the PCs opposed new anti-bullying legislation, but now they won’t even debate it,” said Allum. "The next time the PCs have a chance to debate this very important Bill, Manitobans are hoping they will end the games and take up the debate."

Allum noted that for months, Mr. Pallister and other PC MLAs have actively opposed Bill 18, which would target cyber bullying and allow students to establish support groups in school such as gay-straight alliances, which have helped teens cope with and fight bullying.

A number of PC MLAs have organized and taken action to oppose Bill 18:

  • MLA Cliff Graydon argued in the Winnipeg Sun that “if you’re being bullied on cyberspace, don’t go there. Simple as that.” (Winnipeg Sun, March 11/13)

  • MLA Cam Friesen thinks the legislation would “give certain student groups certain advantages over other groups.” (Pembina Valley Online, February 27/13)

  • MLA Kelvin Goertzen says he has “never been more proud of [his] community” after over 1000 people gathered to oppose gay-straight alliances in schools. (Winnipeg Free Press, Feb. 26/13)

"Brian Pallister’s PCs are out of touch with everyday Manitobans who want to see action on bullying. They don’t understand the realities facing kids today," said Allum.