Manitobans Deserve More than A Part-time Premier: Marcelino

February 28, 2017

Today, Interim NDP Leader Flor Marcelino called on the Pallister government to reverse an austerity agenda that will hit families hard while the premier takes a 20 per cent pay raise and spends two months a year in Costa Rica.

"Premier Brian Pallister took a 20 per cent pay raise and says he deserves to take two months off a year in Costa Rica without using email, and then he imposes cuts on the rest of Manitoba," Marcelino said. "It's distressing that the premier asks families to tighten their belts while he spends two months a year out of touch at his vacation home in the tropics."

The Pallister government has already:

  • Scrapped $1 billion in investments for Cancer Care, personal-care homes and community clinics for seniors and families;

  • Refused to increase the minimum wage and threatened to bring back unpaid days off, known as "Filmon Fridays";

  • Threatened to tear up labour contracts and legislate wage freezes;

  • Vowed to cut thousands of jobs at Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries and MPI, as well as others across the province; and

  • Cut back investments in roads and bridges by more than $120 million.

"Manitobans deserve more than a part-time premier," Marcelino said. "They deserve a premier who understands the needs of Manitobans."

Manitobans are encouraged to provide their opinions about Manitoba's part-time premier to the NDP Caucus at:

Do you think it's right that Brian Pallister took a 20 per cent pay raise while asking others to accept cuts and job losses; and do you think he can work effectively for Manitoba families from his vacation home in Costa Rica two months a year?

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