NDP condemns Pallister Government’s Sham Consultation And Cuts to Frontline Workers and Services: Allum

February 10, 2017

The Manitoba NDP condemns the Pallister government’s refusal to engage in meaningful consultations with labour representatives, NDP Finance Critic James Allum said today.

“The Pallister government promised to protect frontline workers and frontline services but instead cut jobs and services. Now Pallister is threatening to bring in legislation to open up contracts and roll back wages,” Allum said.

“The premier is breaking his promise to Manitoba families and leaving it up to others to deliver the harsh news,” Allum said. “He can’t ask for “all hands on deck” while he spends months in Costa Rica and is cutting jobs and services across Manitoba. These cuts will only hurt everyday Manitobans while helping those at the top.”

Allum said the Pallister government pretended to show it was consulting Manitobans about contracts, wages and pensions, but then refused to even consider or examine any ideas presented by representatives of organized labour.

The NDP is calling for a balanced approach to address the province’s fiscal situation, one that does not involve harsh cuts to public services, Allum noted. The government is ignoring its own stated timeline of trying to return to balance in eight years and is instead imposing an austerity agenda that will hurt Manitoba families and the frontline services they rely on, Allum added.