Proud to Support All Manitobans

Your NDP MLAs will be taking to the streets of downtown this Sunday to join in the 31st annual Winnipeg Pride Festival and Parade.

“Equality for all Manitobans” is a statement we stand behind—not just in principle, but in action.

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Our diversity is our strength. We supported the election of the first openly gay and the first openly lesbian MLAs in Manitoba, we consistently brought in legislation to support LGBTTQ* Manitobans, and we will continue to represent the interests of Manitobans across the spectrum every time we sit down in the House.

NDP MLA Andrew Swan talks about My First Pride and is looking forward to seeing everyone at Winnipeg's 31st Annual Pride Festival.

We will continue to stand up for all Manitobans, keeping Brian Pallister’s government accountable when it comes to LGBTTQ* services—not just with words, but with our active support.

NDP MLAs Bernadette Smith and Nahanni Fontaine are looking forward to seeing everyone at Winnipeg's 31st Annual Pride Festival

The Manitoba NDP have always been active in fighting for the rights of LGBTTQ* Manitobans. In 1987, we voted to include sexual orientation in the Manitoba Human Rights Code. In 2012, we voted to do the same with gender identity. We supported extending marriage and adoption rights to same-sex couples so all Manitoba families can be treated equally.

NDP MLA Rob Altemeyer is proud of human rights legislation that makes Manitoba a more inclusive society.

Four years ago, we passed anti-bullying legislation to help make Manitoba schools safer for all students. Despite ongoing opposition from Brian Pallister’s PCs, we rallied against prejudice to create a more tolerant and respectful environment for our kids today and tomorrow.

Concordia MLA Matt Wiebe talks about GSAs and wishes everyone Happy Pride

More and more Manitoba communities are embracing pride Events. Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey is looking forward to the second annual Pride in Flin Flon

Tom Lindsey is looking forward to Flin Flon's second annual Pride in August.

We are proud to support LGBTTQ* Manitobans this week and all year round. Happy Pride!