Pallister Misses the Mark

Raising tuition and cutting funding to colleges the wrong direction: Wiebe

March 19, 2018

Today NDP Education Critic Matt Wiebe called on government to implement a real plan to get more students a post-secondary education, to stop tuition fee increases that are making education less affordable, and to reverse damaging cuts to colleges and universities.

Wiebe pointed out that despite releasing a report on colleges today highlighting the need for more graduates, the government announced no new funding or concrete strategies to realize that goal.

“Today we saw yet again that the Pallister government just doesn’t care enough about Manitobans to do the right thing,” said Wiebe. “We want to see more students get a certificate or diploma, but we saw no action today despite another high-priced consultant’s report. Manitobans deserve a real plan of action to open up more spaces in our colleges and help students who struggle to graduate, and we didn’t see anything like that today.”

Students are set to see significant increases in tuition for the upcoming school year, including a $250 program fee increase at Assiniboine Community College. At the same time, universities and colleges got a $6 million cut in their funding in this year’s budget. Wiebe noted that tuition increases and funding cuts appear to be this government’s only response to challenges in the post-secondary system.

“Brian Pallister is determined to hand down cuts to universities and colleges, while he raises tuition on students and families trying to make ends meet. Their cuts will set us back and take us in the wrong direction,” said Wiebe. “What we need is for Pallister to admit he’s been wrong, to reverse cuts to colleges and universities, and to stop the tuition hikes that are driving students away from getting a post-secondary education.”