Selfless locals are in the holiday spirit.

By: Greg Selinger, MLA for St. Boniface

As published in The Lance

December 6, 2017

As the Christmas season approaches, the spirit of generosity can help those who are most in need.

As in the past, agencies such as Winnipeg Harvest and the Christmas Cheer Board will do all that they can to make the holidays a joyous time for all.

These agencies are not alone in providing for the needs of citizens during the holidays. The need for warm clothes, food, basic needs and a present to bring smiles to children’s faces on Christmas morning is at an alltime high. Local Saint Boniface clubs and organizations are doing their part to brighten a season that can be a tough time for some.

This is done by collecting for hampers, holding clothing drives, community breakfasts, skating, and activities with Santa.

Marion School, a local elementary school, held a turkey dinner for students and parents, which was a great way to bring community members together while providing a special, enjoyable meal. For those whose religion restricts certain food, thought and attention were given to provide food choices which would include their participation. I think that the preparation for the dinner, the piles of potatoes and carrots which needed peeling, the making of the stuffing, and all the other preparation which was done by the staff and students was rewarded by the smiling faces of the parents and students at the dinner.

Another worthy act is that of a local resident who, for years, has collected toys, food, clothes, and money to provide assistance to Our Place, Chez Rachel, Missionaries of Charity-Mother Teresa, and to new immigrants. I am proud that Saint Boniface is made up of people who have taken it upon themselves to better the holidays for others.

We have many people in Saint Boniface who support the local community clubs and their breakfast and Skate with Santa events. Our community clubs, churches and legions are great places to search out holiday activities which you can participate in, while other local organizations such as Flavie-Laurent, Pluri-Elles, Street Links and Morberg House are places where you can have an opportunity to help or participate in the spirit of the holidays.

The spirit of Christmas is about family, generosity and giving. Please consider reaching out to local institutions to offer your time, resources, or a donation, knowing that you can bring joy to others.

To one and all of all faiths and beliefs, have a very happy holiday season.