Big thanks to local daycare staff

By: Greg Selinger, MLA for St. Boniface

As published in The Lance

October 25, 2017

I want to express my thanks to a fewof the many local organizations and individuals who make this community better.

I recently became aware of a financial hardship one of the community daycares was experiencing, and the length which the staff went to in order to provide service to parents and children. My heartfelt thanks go out to the staff who were willing to take wage cuts in order to allow the day care to survive, and to the parents for their advocacy.

I wish to send a big thank you to the South Saint Boniface Residents Association (SSBRA), and the tremendous work that they’ve done to improve their community. They have worked tirelessly to inform residents on topics of concern, and to work with others to improve the livability of their community.

Along with informing the community about the effects of the proposed Marion widening, they’ve brought forth legitimate health concerns. The SSBRA is working with professors from the University of Manitoba, with early testing showing some areas being contaminated with toxins at levels which could be hazardous to human health. The testing is ongoing, with the University having taken samples of soil and vegetables from residents’ yards for further testing as funds become available.

If you have questions or want to help I urge you to visit their website at www.ssbra. ca, or call my office.

On Sept. 30, the first phase of the Nordale Accessible Nature Playground began with the planting by members of the community of 48 trees. A thank you to all the volunteers who helped, and to Julie and Trina who are seeing all the hard work and commitment bringing their vision of this great community addition one step closer to reality.

Thank you to the Old Saint Boniface Residents’ Association, the Provencher Biz, and the Norwood Grove Biz for all their contribution to the community, and to COOP Vélo-Cité, Transition Saint Boniface, Tourisme Riel and to all the parent committees at the local schools. I also want to thank Robert Tétrault and Cheryl Hoffman, who have brought forward concerns and have worked with my office to prepare bills on cytomegalovirus and dyslexia, respectively, to ensure that children are provided with inexpensive early detection, which would lead to healthier and more productive lives.

The above are but a few examples of how the grass roots residents of Saint Boniface help and better the community. To one and all, thank you.

Please contact my office at 123 Enfield Cres., 204-237-5973 with any questions or concerns.