Let's find more ways to help our schools

By: Greg Selinger, MLA for St. Boniface

As published in The Lance

September 13, 2017

With summer having come to an end parents, children, and teachers are all eagerly starting another school year. From the first day of school the teachers and staff have two goals for their students— one to educate and the second to instil a love of learning.Teachers use all of the resources available to them to make learning exciting and fun

In the early years, books are a great resource. They open a child’s naturally inquisitive mind to knowledge and they create a desire to explore new worlds. Teachers also provide important skills for students to learn how to research and find the answers to the questions they have. The desire to ask questions and learn, along with school activities during or after hours are what make school exciting and fun.

I see these goals in all schools within the constituency of St. Boniface. They are visible in the public schools, private schools, French, French immersion, English, and faith-based schools in the community. In addition to these many choices for education, from kindergarten to high school, students also have the choice of acquiring a trade at Louis Riel Arts & Tech. French speaking students also have the option of pursuing higher learning at the Université de Saint Boniface.

The importance of a good education can never be emphasized enough, starting in the home and continuing through school. We are fortunate to have teachers, principals and staff in our schools who take their responsibility seriously, and provide an environment where our children feel safe and can learn.

In this environment teachers can provide students with the knowledge and resources which, along with what they learn at home, will prepare them for life after school.

Last June I attended many of the graduations taking place at the local high schools and had wonderful opportunities to speak with grads and hear of their accomplishments. Seeing the quality of young people graduating and hearing of students who speak out against bullying, shaming, and injustices, gives me hope for the future of our society.

So as a new school year starts we should ask ourselves if there is something we can do to help our schools, for they have two of what we cherish the most: our children and the future. If you are looking for ways to help, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office at 204-237-9247 or Greg.Selinger@yourmanitoba.ca.