The many festivals of Logan

By Flor Marcelino, MLA for Logan

As published in The Times September 18, 2017

Manitoba is a province rich in cultural celebrations and festivities. Each year we fill each season (yes, even winter) with festivals and events that showcase the fun-loving people of Manitoba and all the great opportunities and experiences that this province has to offer.

Over the summer I attended Folklarama, which is one of my favourite festivals, once again. Our community of Logan was home to many pavilions, including the Portuguese, South Sudanese, Tamil, Indo-China, and Hungarian Pavilions. It was such a thrill to see so many welcoming communities sharing their cultural traditions and talents with festival goers. The food, performances, and hospitality were incredible and I can’t wait to see what next year’s festival has in store for us.

I was also able to enjoy this year’s Manitoba Filipino Street Festival. The whole day was filled with ceremonies, performances and celebrations. The day kicked off with a beautiful parade and lead into performances by local bands and traditional dancers. I can still smell the different aromas from all of the Filipino food vendors. It was wonderful seeing so many of our community members out there enjoying this rich cultural experience.

And even though the summer months have come to an end, Manitoba has a great way of keeping the festivities going, and they are certainly still going strong. In September I had a fun filled weekend at both the Chinese Street Festival and Many Fest.

The Chinese Street Festival never disappoints, with dazzling performances and delicious food. If you were able to make it out, you may have enjoyed one of the night markets, the many musicians, and traditional dances. I always make sure to catch the Lion Dance when the festival kicks off at the beginning of the day.

Manyfest wasn’t far away, so I was able to get over there in time to witness the largest food truck war that this city has ever seen. It was great to see so many local businesses at the street market, and great performances throughout the day.

It certainly was a festive summer and with Fall and Winter right around the corner I hope you can all continue to keep your spirits up and join in all of the upcoming festivities that bring Manitobans together.

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