Get ready for Folklorama

By Greg Selinger, MLA for St. Boniface

As published in The Lance July 30, 2017

Winnipeg is a city full of festivals and events to enjoy year-long, and we are approaching one of my favourites.

In a few short weeks we will be enjoying the food, music, and culture of many of the wonderful pavilions at Folklorama. What started out as a celebration of Manitoba’s diversity for our centennial in 1970 has continued on for nearly 50 years and is now helping us celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. We can be proud that our reputation for inclusivity and acceptance has welcomed people from all over the world to become Manitobans. Folklorama gives Manitobans the chance to show off what makes their own culture special, and it encourages others to celebrate the diversity that has enriched our province.

With 41 pavilions to visit this year the options to enjoy tasty food and drinks from different countries around the world will be hard to resist. I find it best to have a little at each pavilion, as who can go to just one? With a main meal at the first, dessert at the second, and a special coffee or drink at the third, you can pace yourself enough to still partake in the dancing.

While you are out, raise your glass and toast the staff and volunteers of Folklorama, for the hard work that everyone does to share in the pride of their culture. It’s thanks to their dedication that Folklorama has become the world’s largest and longest running multicultural festival. What an achievement!

I’m pleased to report that of these 41 pavilions, 10 will call Saint Boniface home. In week one the Africa, Caribbean, Celtic Ireland, Chile Lindo, and India pavilions will be in our community. In week two we are home to the Belgian, Chilean, Scotland, Canadien-français, and Russian pavilions.

So, mark Aug. 6 to 19 on your calendar. If you’re as excited as I am you can attend the free opening kickoff celebrations from 4 to 10 p.m. on July 29 at Memorial Park across from the Manitoba Legislative Building.

I always love to hear from the community, so if you have any concerns please contact my office at 204-237-9247 or by email at