St. Boniface helping newcomers

Manitobans have always been known to rise to the occasion in times of need and to help those fleeing war, violence, famine, and persecution in their home countries.

I’m always inspired when I hear of the amazing dedication and compassion of these Manitobans, and the courage and resilience of the families seeking a new life in our province.

Throughout my time as MLA for St. Boniface, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet countless individuals and organizations right here in our community who are lending a hand to welcome and resettle newcomers. With the recent influx of refugees and newcomers coming to our province, their efforts are more important than ever.

The organization Accueil francophone for example, saw a record year in 2016. They work to provide newcomers with French language comprehensive resettlement services to refugees and newcomers such as English language lessons and housing. In fact, Accueil francophone has teamed up with the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface and l’Abri Marguerite to help refugees and newcomers find transitional shelters. Meanwhile, the Archdiocese continues to raise money to help their parishes sponsor refugee families.

Other organizations such as Pluri-elles are working to provide newcomers with professional and educational development, as well as counselling services, while others such as Centre Flavie-Laurent strive to collect and distribute donated household goods, furniture, and clothing for newcomers, refugees, and families in need. The work of these organizations would not be possible without the efforts of the staff and volunteers who dedicate their time, expertise, and skills to numerous projects.

Furthermore, organizations are not the only ones carrying out this great work. Many families right here in St. Boniface are sponsoring refugee families on their own, and schools all over St. Boniface are running collection drives and bake sales in support of these organizations. One family, here in St. Boniface, even purchased and repaired 200 bicycles to distribute to sixty newcomer families. It is truly heartening to see different community groups and organizations coming together to work towards a common goal.

Amazing things are being achieved through the spirit of collaboration between community members, groups, and organizations. It is clear that the community of St. Boniface truly embodies the generous spirit of Manitobans. I would like to thank the community of St. Boniface for all your efforts in helping resettle and welcome these new Manitobans to our neighbourhood.

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