Another solution needed on health care

By Jim Maloway, MLA for Elmwood

As published in The Herald September 15, 2017

It’s September and the other shoe has dropped insofar as health care cuts at Concordia Hospital and what they’ll mean to our Elmwood residents.

The provincial government intends to close the Concordia Hospital Emergency Room by March 2018 as part of its budgetary cutbacks in the overall health care budget. With this obvious major cut to front line health services, the province is now announcing large layoffs of support staff, which they refer to as "deletions." It’s only a matter of time before these cuts start to affect support staff at Concordia.

We know the status quo isn’t the solution, but surely massive cuts to our health care system and reverting to past, inadequate funding mechanisms like health care premiums are a step in the wrong direction.

My colleagues and I will be doing our best to offer meaningful solutions to these challenges and fight the front-line cuts that are so obviously taking place, in spite of previous promises to do otherwise.

Of course, the Keep Concordia ER Open campaign is still ongoing. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to fill out our survey form that will be in your mailbox soon, or by visiting the "Keep Concordia ER Open" website online at

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