Taking a tour of the millworks

By: Jim Maloway, MLA for Elmwood

As published in The Herald

November 4, 2016

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month, and it was my pleasure to accept Adria French’s invitation to her Take Your MLA to Work Day.

Recently, Adria and plant supervisor Scott Wise gave me a tour of their workplace at Western Millworks on Munroe Avenue. Adria has been working at Western Millworks as a craftsperson for the past six years and is a wonderful, productive employee of a thriving business that specializes in custom millwork, usually very detailed and specialized, for construction projects throughout the city and across the prairies.

Adria is always first to arrive for shifts and is responsible for getting the factory floor ready for the day, starting the various equipment, and generally getting the shop floor ready for production. When that’s done, she continues on her own millwork projects of the day. What Adria doesn’t say with words she makes up with her passion for work. Imagine, absent one day in six years and a member of the social committee! With Adria, actions clearly speak louder than words.

Take Your MLA to Work Day raises awareness about the benefits of hiring Manitobans with disabilities, and illustrates that employment and careers should be the norm for them. People with disabilities can have integrated jobs in local businesses at competitive wages, and organizations like SCE Lifeworks have partnered with Western Millworks to demonstrate the value and success of employing workers like Adria.

SCE Lifeworks is as a community based non-profit resource for people with disabilities providing an array of services that facilitate meaningful integration. It provides individualized supports and services based on each participant’s unique needs, interests, and long-term career plans. They also recognize the vital role of supported individuals, and their families, in the planning and ongoing input in the development of individualized program plans.

A big hearty congratulations to Adria on her continued success, and to Gayle Leverton and Lana Seniuk of SCE Lifeworks for their work in support of people with disabilities. A special thanks to Scott Wise, the plant manager at Western Millworks for hosting our tour and providing a great work environment for all their employees.

If you have any questions or need more information, please call my office at 204-415-1122, or email me at Jim.Maloway@YourManitoba.ca