Spring is here, so it’s time for tea

By Jim Maloway, MLA for Elmwood

As Published by The Herald

April 22nd, 2015

Community members joined Jim Maloway, MLA for Elmwood, at his community bonspiel event at the Elmwood Curling Club on March 29.

Aside from Canada geese flying north, spring teas are surely one of our most welcome signs of spring.

It was great to be invited once again to pour tea at the St. Gerard Parish School’s Spring Tea and Fundraiser this past Palm Sunday, March 29. Renewing acquaintances over tea, sandwiches, and sweets is a great pleasure, especially after a long Winnipeg winter. Congratulations to Andrea Helgason and the Parish’s many other volunteers, including students, who helped make the fundraiser a success.

Later that same Saturday, I hosted a neighbourhood invitational curling tournament at the Elmwood Curling Club. Roughly 80 people came out for a community bonspiel. It was a great way to spend time with people from the community.

The Elmwood Curling Club is tucked away in the heart of Elmwood and was established in 1911, which makes it the third oldest in the city. I encourage Elmwood residents to hurry hard and check out the Club. It’s a great way to stay active during our long winter months.

The Commuter Challenge Week is another great way to care for your health and the environment, as well. Coming up soon, from May 31 to June 6, everyone is encouraged to use active transportation to get to school or work, such as cycling, walking, taking a bus, or carpooling. Let’s make a big effort to burn off those winter calories, save on fuel, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Register online at www.greenactioncentre.ca and log your green kilometres to make this year an even bigger success.

Here in Elmwood we have lots of options for active transportation routes. We can use the Pioneer’s Greenway and the old Disraeli Bridge that was converted for a dedicated active transportation bridge. Soon, the active transportation overpass at the northeast Perimeter and Raleigh Street/Gateway Road will allow us to head all the way out to Birds Hill Park.

An active lifestyle is now within everyone’s reach. Another great thing we Winnipeggers like about these open-air walking and cycling opportunities is that they help us get to know our communities better.

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