Improving our schools

By: Jim Maloway, MLA for Elmwood

As published in The Herald

September 16, 2014

Elmwood MLA Jim Maloway joins the seniors at 505 Monroe for a Fall Tea, along with former Premier and Governor General for Canada, Rt. Hon. Edward Schreyer and his wife Lily Schreyer (third and fourth from the left).

By now families will have settled into their fall routines with students back at school. One of the biggest slices of the province’s expenditure pie goes to our schools. While building new schools and investing in salaries for teachers often come to mind when we think of costs, they are just some of the investments we need to make our schools what they are — a place where our young people get the education and training they need to take advantage of opportunities in Manitoba’s growing economy. Our government is investing to build better schools, and to create more opportunities for young people considering their career path. We renovated the science lab at Miles Macdonell Collegiate, to give students better foundation in science. We also invested in new elevators and redesigned washrooms at Munroe Junior High and Glenelm School, to make these schools accessible for all students. Over at Polson School, our government has put in over $1.1 million for building upgrades.


On another note, while I don’t believe in the old adage "crime pays," in this case it does — but it pays for crime fighting! In June the province announced more than $1.2 million in grants from its Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund to be distributed to the Victims’ Assistance Fund and to 11 Manitoba police agencies across the province. The Criminal Forfeiture Fund is drawn from cash and other assets seized from criminals. Since this program started, the province has recovered 8.5 million for new specialized equipment and training to help the Winnipeg Police Service officers more effectively investigate crimes.

This fund has paid for specialized equipment for surveillance operations, a trailer for on-site services to victims after critical incidents, a robot used to detonate suspected explosives, software used in forensic computer investigations, and camera equipment and other tools. Funding seized from criminal forfeiture also supports many RCMP-run community outreach projects that help keep vulnerable young people off the street.


Over at 505 Munroe Ave., Manitoba Housing has recently finished upgrading the kitchen cabinets, countertops, and bathroom and suite renovations at the Kildonan Horizons building.

This $1.8-million project is already 95 per cent complete and is expected to be closed by the end of the month. Projects like these across the city are an important part of maintaining good quality apartments for seniors in our province. If you have questions, feel free to give me a call at 204-415-1122 or send me an email at You can also stop by our office at 202 Henderson Hwy. I look forward to hearing from you!