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Greetings from Wolseley!

It is my sincere pleasure and honour to serve as the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the diverse neighbourhoods of Spence, West End, Wolseley and West Broadway. Taken together, these communities contain over 20,000 people, some of whom have lived here all their lives while others may have just arrived from another country only a few days or weeks ago.

Even if you are not yet a Canadian citizen, you have the right to contact your elected representatives at all levels of government to seek information, ask for assistance, or provide your views on the issues of the day.

You may be wondering what exactly an MLA does, and while each constituency is unique, there are three standard areas of focus:

  • helping constituents one-on-one with specific issues;

  • working with local groups and agencies to improve community services;

  • making positive contributions to the laws, policies and budget priorities debated at the Legislature.

When the Legislative Assembly is in session -- usually over the late fall, winter and spring months -- much of my day is spent working with my colleagues in the Legislative Building. Being in session means a great deal of the constituency work must be done outside regular office hours. My constituency assistant, Boyd Poncelet, helps by setting up appointments, arranging meetings and keeping in touch with individuals and groups in the constituency.

When the Assembly is not in session, I spend the greater part of my time in the community and catching up on correspondence that has come in during the session months.

Constituents and their concerns are of the highest priority to me regardless of whether the legislature is sitting. To help keep in touch I have opened a second constituency office. In addition to the office at 202-222 Furby Street, the new office is part of the West End Commons, at 365 McGree Street and is open Monday and Fridays 1 to 4 p.m. If you have any questions you can call and speak with me or Boyd at 204-775-8575 or JoAnn at 204-421-9421 email me at . We welcome your calls and suggestions.