Pallister Starts to Back Down From Attack on Local Newspapers

May 29, 2018

NDP Leader Wab Kinew praised his NDP colleagues, the Manitoba Community Newspapers Association, and all the residents of Manitoba that raised their voices after measures that would hurt local newspapers were removed this afternoon from the government’s Bill 19, The Planning Amendment Act.

Bill 19 would have eliminated the requirement for governments to place notices in newspapers, which are an essential way that many Manitobans get local information. However, Kinew noted that Bill 8, another government bill being considered by the Manitoba Legislature, also eliminates requirements that notices be posted in local newspapers.

“I want to applaud my NDP colleagues here at the Legislature, the MCNA, and all the local newspapers who put pressure on the government to remove the parts of Bill 19 that would harm local news outlets and take away from Manitobans’ ability to know what’s going on in their communities,” said Kinew. “It was a bad idea and we were able to put enough pressure on Pallister and force him to back down. Now, we need to get them to make the same changes to Bill 8.”

Kinew added it was clear that many members of the PC Party were also opposed to these measures, and that it demonstrated how out-of-touch the government was with the priorities of Manitobans.

“Whenever we would bring this up in the House or in committee hearings, it was painfully obvious that this government was off-side not only with Manitobans, but with members of their own party as well,” said Kinew. “It’s another sign that Pallister doesn’t consult with others before making cuts.”