NDP Moves to Ban Puppy Mills, Limit Exotic Pets

Fontaine: Puppy mills have no place in Manitoba

May 10, 2018

Today NDP MLA Nahanni Fontaine introduced two private members’ bills that would ban puppy mills, limit the presence of exotic pets, and establish an annual Animal Shelter and Rescue Awareness Day.

Bill 227, The Animal Care Amendment Act, would limit the number of female dogs able to reproduce kept in one location at four, in order to prevent puppy mills from operating in Manitoba and encourage the responsible breeding of dogs.

“We need to put a stop to the unsafe breeding of dogs,” said Fontaine. “If you’re looking to buy a pet, there are many reputable breeders and plenty of animals in need of rehoming through shelters. Puppy mills have no place in Manitoba.”

Bill 227 would also ban anyone from acquiring exotic animals across Manitoba. While those already in possession of exotic animals would be able to keep them, moving forward the acquisition of any new exotic animals would be prohibited. The list of banned animals within this bill replicates what is currently in force within the City of Winnipeg under the Responsible Pet Ownership By- Law.

Fontaine noted a 2013 incident in New Brunswick where an African Rock Python escaped its enclosure and killed two young boys.

“That tragic incident is exactly what we need to prevent here in Manitoba. No one should have to worry that their kids are at risk because an exotic or dangerous animal is being kept as a pet in their neighbourhood,” said Fontaine.

Bill 228, The Animal Shelter and Rescue Awareness Day Act would establish April 10 as Animal Shelter and Rescue Awareness Day to celebrate Manitobans who are on the front lines of animal rescue services, who work tirelessly to offer affordable spay and neuter programs, and who raise awareness about the importance of controlling stray dog populations throughout the province to ensure community safety.