NDP Introduces Bill for Gender-Neutral Identification

Kinew: Everyone deserves to feel accepted for who they are

April 25, 2018

NDP Leader Wab Kinew appeared alongside guests at the Rainbow Resource Centre to announce he will be introducing a bill to allow for gender-neutral government issued identification, like birth certificates.

The Bill will amend The Vital Statistics Act to give individuals the option to select a gender-neutral identifier on their birth certificate, instead of an “M” or “F” gender identifier. If passed, individuals could update their information with Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency to get a gender neutral birth certificate, and then proceed to get their gender identifier changed on other forms of government issued ID.

NDP Leader Wab Kinew said that this shift is an important part of making sure that everyone is accepted by their government, and called on the government to support it.

“A democratic government should make everyone feel included. Right now, non-binary folks are forced to choose a gender on their ID that doesn’t match who they are,” said Kinew. “We want non-binary folks to be accepted everywhere in society. Making sure they know the government accepts them for who they are is an important step towards that goal. We hope that the Pallister government will join us and support this bill to get it passed as soon as possible.”

Currently, gender-neutral identifiers are available on government issued identification in Ontario, Newfoundland, and the Northwest Territories, as well as on Canadian passports.