Crown Corporations Committee Must Meet to Discuss Hydro Issues

Kinew: Answers, accountability needed

March 26, 2018

Today NDP Leader Wab Kinew called on the Standing Committee on Crown Corporations to meet as soon as possible to discuss the issues currently facing Manitoba Hydro.

The Standing Committee on Crown Corporations meets to discuss financial reports and issues facing crown corporations. It provides an opportunity for oversight, discussion, and accountability for crown corporations, their staff and representatives. The last time the Standing Committee on Crown Corporations met to discuss Manitoba Hydro was in October of 2016. This is the longest the committee has gone without meeting to hear from Manitoba Hydro’s board and senior leadership since 2009.

NDP Leader Wab Kinew noted today that given the events over the past week that have caused many Manitobans to question Pallister’s ability to lead Manitoba Hydro, the Standing Committee should be called to order so that the public can get answers about the events that led up to the resignation of the former board and the impact their resignations will have on Manitoba Hydro.

“Last week we saw that the Premier was unable to lead Manitoba Hydro and work productively with his hand-picked board. That’s not good enough. Manitobans own Hydro and it’s going through unprecedented turmoil,” said Kinew. “Given the chaos of the past week we deserve answers about how our most valuable crown corporation is going be affected by Pallister’s mismanagement, and how the new board plans to move forward.”