Statement from NDP Leader Wab Kinew on Hydro Board Resignation

March 21, 2018

“Today is a dark day for Manitoba. This morning, 18,000 citizens in St. Boniface and Transcona woke up without power, without heat, and in need of Manitoba Hydro to be there for them. In our lives, Hydro is a life line, and we depend on it to be strong.

Instead, we saw a blackout of leadership today at Manitoba Hydro. The Premier’s hand picked board walked out because of his refusal to listen and his refusal to work with them. The Premier has created a mess, and there’s no one left at the Hydro board to clean it up.

Former Hydro board members revealed they tried to meet with the Premier for over a year. They had no meaningful dialogue, no response from the Premier. Many questions are left unanswered for Manitobans. Why was this Premier unwilling to meet and work together with the Hydro board? What was the Premier spending his time doing while he was refusing to meet with the Board of Manitoba Hydro?

Good leaders listen to advice from others. Brian Pallister won’t meet and listen to nurses and doctors saying his health cuts are too much, too fast. He won’t meet and listen to the teachers and educators saying that his cuts are hurting the education our kids get in the classroom. And now we’ve learned that he wouldn’t meet with the Manitoba Hydro Board to talk about the issues that are critically important to the future of our province’s crown jewel.

The Premier’s desperate attempt to blame everyone but himself for his inability to work well with others has created a crisis at the most valuable asset that Manitobans own - Hydro. The former members of the Hydro Board deserve better. Manitobans deserve better from this Premier.”