NDP Release Draft Anti-Harassment Policy

February 22, 2018

Today the Manitoba NDP Caucus released a new draft Anti-Harassment Policy, which lays out new policies and procedures to address complaints of harassment or misconduct brought forward by constituency assistants, caucus staff, and elected officials.

The policy lays out a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, misconduct, and disrespectful behaviour in the workplace. It reinforces that political considerations must never come before doing the right thing for those who have been the subject of unacceptable behaviour.

The policy places the well-being of the complainant first, requiring their consent to move forward with informal resolution options or a formal investigation. Informal resolution options are clearly established, as well as the requirement that in cases where an informal resolution is not possible, that all investigations will be conducted by a third-party, not existing staff or elected officials.

The policy establishes two Safe Persons, at least one of which must identify as a woman, to be trained in the policies, empowered to give information to the complainant and, if requested, act on their behalf. These Safe Persons do not need to be existing employees or elected officials.

All NDP staff working at the legislative building, constituency assistants, and elected officials have already received training on existing Legislative Assembly respectful workplace policies, and feedback from those sessions has been incorporated into this new policy.

The draft policy is being shared within the party for further feedback, including greater discussion around the importance of aggregate reporting, while being sensitive to concerns of maintaining confidentiality. Feedback will be incorporated before arriving at a final version.

It has been shared with the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, in hopes that existing gaps, such as the exclusion of constituency assistants from Legislative Assembly workplace policies, can be identified.

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