Statement from NDP Leader Wab Kinew on Greg Selinger's Retirement

February 20, 2018

Today my thoughts remain with the women who’ve shown us the meaning of courage by coming forward and sharing their experiences. We will continue to work every day to move forward with the commission to give space for their voices to be heard by our party, and set a new direction to ensure we honour what they have gone through by improving our society.

Given the resignation of Greg Selinger today I wanted to share a few personal thoughts about Manitoba’s 21st Premier.

During my time as a reporter, I remember Greg’s constant presence in the 2011 flood. From the interlake to westman, from the Souris to Assiniboine to Red Rivers and many spots in between, Greg showed up to encourage volunteers, reassure homeowners and help lead the response through a tense and difficult time for our province. He was the leader our province needed.

Greg is also held as a favourite son of the Franco-Manitoban community. His lifetime of service to the ideal that Francophones, along with Anglophones and Indigenous communities, be respected as founding partners of Manitoba will not soon be forgotten.

When I started my life in politics, I told the story of how my mother-in-law Debbie studied in a program that helped inner-city residents get an education. Howard Pawley founded that program, and Greg was one of the teachers who helped make sure that Debbie and her family never had to live in poverty again.

In 2012, Greg took the time to attend my father’s memorial service. It meant a lot to me that a sitting Premier showed up to mourn my dad. My family and I will remember that.

It’s my hope that Greg will be remembered as a Premier who led our province through the aftermath of the global financial crisis, two major floods and was a finance minister who balanced the budget for 10 years in a row.

I wish to thank Greg as well as his wife and children for their service. I know Greg gave a lot of himself as Premier, MLA and city councilor. I also know that Claudette, Eric and Pascal sacrificed a lot of time with their husband and father for the good of Winnipeg and Manitoba. I am thinking of them all today.

I wish them all the best. Miigwech Greg.

Wab Kinew

Leader of the Manitoba NDP