NDP Continue to Demand OmniTRAX live up to its obligations

Kinew calls on Pallister to take concrete action to restore service on the rail line

February 16, 2018

Manitoba New Democrats continued to push OmniTRAX to live up to its obligations to repair the rail line serving communities in the north, including the town of Churchill, at a confidential hearing of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) yesterday.

“The people of Churchill and communities throughout the north have been without rail access for nearly 8 months,” said Kinew. “People in the north want the line repaired. That’s what we’re fighting for.”

Kinew noted that the province could still provide expert legal and engineering counsel to evaluate the claims presented by OmniTRAX in their defense. The Pallister government has ignored previous calls for the province to aid in the case before the CTA.

“When Manitobans were stranded by the refusal of OmniTRAX to repair the rail line, we acted – we brought forward a complaint that could force them to make the repairs needed to the line,” said Kinew. “It’s time Pallister focused on the needs of northern Manitobans and join us in our fight to make sure communities will be able to survive today and into the future”.

The CTA is a national regulator for railways. It has the ability to order repairs to the rail line as well as to require companies to live up to their legal obligations to provide service on rail lines.

The CTA reserved its decision yesterday. A decision is expected in the coming weeks.