Kinew Lays Out Budget Priorities

Calls on government to immediately invest in addictions treatment

January 10, 2018

Today Wab Kinew met with the Finance Minister to outline some of his priorities for the upcoming budget.

Kinew called on the provincial government to invest in addictions treatment across the province to combat opioids and methamphetamine, using approaches driven by calls from experts and communities. He singled out calls for a safe house in Swan Valley, residential addictions treatment beds in Brandon and Manitoba, warming shelters to prevent loss of life during the winter months, and crisis stabilization beds as being critical investments for the province to make.

“Addictions are hurting people every day in our province, and we cannot wait for another report. We need to act.” said Kinew. “I know what it’s like to deal with addiction. We need to recognize that every person struggling to get clean is a human being, and we need to be there for them to help them get a second chance.”

Kinew also called on the provincial government to implement a northern jobs plan to keep people working in the resource sector. He advocated for the continuance of the Film and Video Production Tax credit, which supports an industry that brings millions of dollars of investments into the province each year. He pushed for the creation of a recreation centre in south Winnipeg, following calls by community organizations to have recreation and exercise space available to residents. And, he called on the provincial government to ensure that education funding increases by at least the rate of economic growth.

“The future of our province depends on making strategic investments in both jobs and education so that our young people will stay and make their lives here in Manitoba,” said Kinew. “We know the value of a good job is more than just a paycheck – it’s also about the pride that comes with work. We want that for everyone in our province.”