Statement by NDP Health Critic Matt Wiebe on the PC Government's PCH announcement

The Pallister government canceled hundreds of PCH beds barely six months ago, causing deep confusion and uncertainty in communities across the province and leaving millions of dollars, that had been raised by communities in Winnipeg and Lac du Bonnet, unspent. The Pallister government is only focused on the bottom line not the actual needs of communities. Communities were forced to drop important projects for their communities because they could not meet the government’s arbitrary funding target.

The withdrawal of proper support for funding of PCH beds means the Pallister government will be nowhere close to meeting its commitment on PCH beds. The Pallister government is now further behind, and today’s announcement is a failed attempt at playing catchup for projects it cancelled when they came into government.

This is further evidence that the Pallister government has no real plan for investments in health care. Instead, the government is realizing its mistakes and re-announcing old commitments. The Bridgwater project was previously announced but has now been scaled down.