Legislation Outlawing Inactivity Fees on Mall Gift Cards Takes Effect December 1st: Swan

November 30, 2015

As of tomorrow, December 1st, our NDP government’s legislation outlawing inactivity fees on shopping centre gift cards will come into effect—just in time for the holiday season.

This closes a loophole that allowed companies that sell shopping centre gift cards to charge monthly fees if the card hadn’t been used after a certain period of time. Now, Manitobans can rest assured that giving someone $50 means they’ll get to spend $50.

“These new rules will help families get a fairer deal for their hard-earned money,” said Minto MLA Andrew Swan, the member who brought this legislation forward. “It’s part of our government’s inclusive vision to keep life affordable for everyone, here at home.”

Our NDP government already banned inactivity fees and expiration dates for single-retailer gift cards. Some of our other consumer protections include:

  • Protecting families by requiring a warranty on newly constructed homes.

  • Guaranteeing that when shopping for a vehicle, the price you see advertised is the price you pay.

  • Guaranteeing that when you bring your car in for repairs, only the authorized repairs are completed at the cost agreed to in the estimate.

  • Making sure that cell phone and internet contracts are clear and fair with measure that limit outrageous cancellation fees.

  • Cracking down on high-interest, short-term loans (like Payday loans) to ensure you can borrow at a fair cost.

  • Introducing legislation to make sure pet owners get clear, upfront pricing for veterinary care.

Manitobans can also learn more about their rights as consumers by contacting the Manitoba Consumer Protection Office at 204-945-3800 or by visiting www.gov.mb.ca/consumerinfo/index.

“We will continue to grow the economy, create good jobs and keep Manitoba one of the most affordable places to live in the country,” Swan added.