West End home to great food, entertainment

By: Andrew Swan, MLA for Minto

As published in The Metro

November 26th 2014

What if you suddenly had a lot more time to spend in Winnipeg’s West End?

I do now, and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to learn more about the amazing people who live, work and play in our part of town.

TThe West End has some of the greatest restaurants in the city — a diverse collection of family-run places that serve up delicious and affordable food. I’ve dusted off my West End BIZTaste of the World guide to help me find the best gems in our neighbourhood—you can find a copy easily at westendbiz.ca

Some of the great restaurants you might want to start with are Ducky’s Fish & Chips, Café Dario or Viva Restaurant. Here’s another hint: if you walk into a restaurant for lunch and it’s filled with students, you’ve probably made a good choice.

Those students don’t just have good taste in food, they are accomplishing great things in their schools. I have always tried to get to as many events as possible — plays, sports tournaments, assemblies, pancake breakfasts and even "gym riots." Parents know that our West End schools provide many opportunities for young people. If you aren’t connected to a school, give my office a call (204-783-9860) and we’ll let you know about upcoming events.

Football and soccer season may be done, but schools and community gyms are busy with volleyball and basketball. Most West Enders know there is high- quality basketball played just about every day of the week in our neighbourhood. Daniel McIntyre will host a Varsity Basketball tournament on Mon., Dec. 15. I always enjoy cheering teams on from the sidelines. (I may be very tall, but you won’t see me out on the court.)

The West End probably has the highest density of houses of worship in Winnipeg, from Catholic and Protestant denominations, to the Central Winnipeg Mosque, to smaller and newer churches on just about every street. Our faith communities are often deeply connected to their surrounding neighbourhoods, and I will continue to reach out to these bridge-builders in our community.

Much of the diversity in the West End comes from immigration, and these communities continue to brighten the West End. You could check out the Icelandic Christmas Bake Sale Nov. 30 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Scandinavian Centre at 764 Erin St. Or maybe catch a show at the Irish Club put on by the Tara Players — "Shush" runs in the evenings of Nov. 28 and 29 upstairs at 654 Erin St.

If you’d like to get in contact with me about anything else going on in our community, please feel free to stop by my constituency office at 892 Sargent Ave. or send me an email at minto1@yourmanitoba.ca

Every day as an MLA is an opportunity to learn more about our community. I hope to see you out there!