Time to dust off storybooks and get reading

By: Andrew Swan, MLA for Minto

As published in The Metro

February 5, 2014

February is I Love to Read Month across Manitoba. This celebration encourages students and their families to make reading a part of everyday life.

This month you can find me in classrooms, libraries, gymnasiums, and daycares in every corner of Minto, promoting literacy. Every year I raid my daughters’ storybook collection to bring my favourites to share with students as a guest reader.

After a little discussion about the job of an MLA, it’s time to get down to business and read.

Reading the text and sharing the pictures are only part of the fun. Watching the children’s expressions as they listen to stories is also delightful. As a father of two, I have had a lot of experience reading out loud. Now that my daughters are teenagers and prefer to read on their own, I save my dramatic performances for each February.

Froggy’s First Kiss by Jonathan London is one of my favourites to read — a Valentine’s Day tale of a little boy frog and an embarrassing situation. I’m sure you and your family have your favourites too. If you love reading too, you can promote literacy by volunteering to read in our schools, daycares and at the West End Library in the Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex.

As always, feel free to contact my office at 204-783-9860 to find out more about I Love to Read Month, or to email me at Andrew.Swan@yourmanitoba.ca

I hope you have the chance to celebrate the joy of reading this month, and throughout the year.