WCIP at work in Wolseley

By: Rob Altemeyer, MLA for Wolseley

As published in The Metro

September 25, 2013

There are many fantastic organizations in my constituency of Wolseley, and I’m very proud of the valuable services they provide to local residents.

Partnerships between these groups and the provincial government help these groups continue their excellent work at the local level, and I was really pleased this summer to learn that no fewer than six organizations in the Wolseley constituency received a combined total of over $110,000 in new funding through the Winnipeg Community Infrastructure Program (WCIP).

The largest grant went to the Lions Club of Winnipeg Senior Centre, to help with their Harvey Hall Courtyard project at Lions Manor. This initiative will convert a parking lot into the first secure outdoor recreation space the seniors living in Lions Manor have ever had. As Laurel Ann Kalupar, executive director for Lions Manor explains, "outdoor programming is just so important for the physical and mental well-being of our residents."

At the other end of the age spectrum, the WCIP is also providing funding for Villa Rosa. Founded over 100 years ago by the Misericordia Sisters, Villa Rosa provides single, pregnant women a safe place to attend school as well as access prenatal and postnatal programs. I’m honoured to speak at Villa Rosa’s fundraising dinner each year, and even more honoured to hear the incredible life stories of the participants who use Villa Rosa’s supports to fundamentally change their lives and the lives of their children.

At the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre, young people can join a running club, a homework club and the nationally-recognized TV program called "Just TV," which teaches kids how to use sound and video equipment. WCIP funding will enable the centre to upgrade its kitchen and make other renovations. As well, the University of Winnipeg Student Association’s daycare will soon have a "natural playground" for their children, thanks in part to support from the WCIP. Rounding out the WCIP grants this year are the Winnipeg Art Gallery and Crossways in Common, as both are in need of funding for repairs to keep the physical building in shape so volunteers and staff can continue focusing their energy on serving the community.

If you work with an organization that’s looking for funding for necessary building repairs and/or renovations, feel free to get in touch with my office for more information on the next year’s round of WCIP applications.

You can reach me at 204-775-8575 or by email at Rob.Altemeyer@YourManitoba.ca.

The energy, creativity and dedication of community organizations’ staff are the vital assets that keep our community growing, and we are happy to help out however we can.