West End sports on the go

By: Andrew Swan, MLA for Minto

As published in The Metro

August 7, 2013

Andrew congratulates some of the players from Daniel McIntyre Collegiate after they win the Minto Bowl.

I don’t deny it — I’m a huge sports fan. Sports draw communities together, provide young people with an opportunity to learn co-operation and discipline, and encourage the pursuit of health and wellness.

The West End has always been a fertile area for the development of champions and contenders in hockey, football, speed skating, basketball and many other sports.

I want to ensure that the West End continues to have top-flight sports facilities. I have been proud to be part of the development of the Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre, the construction of the Bob Gingras Memorial Gymnasium at the Isaac Brock site of Valour Community Centre, and the improvement of playing fields and gyms throughout the West End.

While it’s exciting to see old CanadInns Stadium replaced with the incredible Investors Group Field, our thriving local football, soccer and lacrosse programs need quality facilities.

Valour Community Centre operates out of three sites — Clifton, Isaac Brock and Orioles. All three sites provide programming to keep people of all ages busy, and I’m proud to work with each of them on their priorities.

There are many ways to support sports in the West End. DMCI and Tec Voc provide highly competitive high school basketball, volleyball, and other sports. You can’t walk by Sargent Park School without seeing a pickup basketball game in progress. In the fall, of course, football still reigns, and the Valour Patriots have many teams playing at Isaac Brock. I’ll be proud to award the Minto Bowl to the winner of the Maroons/Hornets classic on Oct. 10.

I hope to see you at a game, or running up Garbage Hill (Westview Park), or on the ice at the Thistle Curling Club, or working out at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre.

If you have questions about sports and recreation opportunities in our neighbourhood, feel free to contact my office at 204-783-9860, email Andrew.Swan@yourmanitoba.ca or stop by in person at 892 Sargent Ave.